After the purchase of adjacent land in mid-2013, the construction of 16,377 m2 of greenhouse at the Galgeweg location will be started a year later. This greenhouse will be built on 'Greenhouse 3', as a result of which this greenhouse will be doubled in size and number of cultivation areas. After the expansion, this greenhouse will consist of 40 identical boxes of approximately 824 m2, bringing the total surface area (including concrete path) to 33,657 m2. As a result, the total production area of ​​SenZaro grows to 10.3 ha. Technically and optically, the greenhouse is practically the same as the current greenhouse, so that it is ultimately impossible to see that the greenhouse was added later and forms a beautiful whole.

The greenhouse is being built extremely fast and will only take 11 weeks, in week 21 the first pile will be driven and around week 32 the first young plants will go into the soil. The option is also being used to create extra water storage (around 3,400 m3).

The reasons for the expansion of greenhouse 3 are: More constant supply of the 'Anastasia' cultivated variety, more efficient energy management, more efficient work organization and better utilization of current machines. And of course we also like it!

At the moment, preparations are in full swing and the various parts of the project are being outsourced. Keep an eye on our site to follow the construction or follow us on twitter and facebook.


After 'pressing piles' and placing the concrete façade base, a great deal of hard work has been done over the past 2 weeks to get all pipes and cables into the ground. This concerns rainwater and condensation drainage, silo overflow, district heating, irrigation pipe, CO2 pipe and lighting cables. It has been decided to do this work for the construction of the greenhouse, so that the installers of the greenhouse installations will not be bothered by digging work and can therefore work quickly. Fortunately it remained fairly dry so that the excavation work was completed quickly.


The last 3 weeks a lot has happened, the greenhouse is standing, old façade has been converted and everything is glazed. All installers are now working on their activities for ventilation, screening, heating and electricity. The finishing touches to the finishing side are also being finalized. See photo with text explanation ...


In recent weeks, we have worked hard on the various installations and everything is electrically connected. In the meantime, the greenhouse has also been planted in phases over the past 3 weeks, at the end of this week the greenhouse is completely full.

Meet our blooming beauties