A flourishing history

Since 1983 SenZaro has grown into a modern Lisianthus and Chrysanthemum nursery. On 2 locations, with a total area of 10.4 ha of glass stands, high quality flowers are delivered all year round to the international flower trade. The Lisianthus and Chrysanthemums are grown using the latest and most efficient techniques, making SenZaro a player at the top of the market.

Our steps

Every step in our history

1981 - Theo Zwinkels starts contracting company for plants and harvesting chrysanthemums
1983 - Start of a 5,000 m2 chrysanthemum nursery in Kwintsheul.
1984 - Chrysanthemum nursery is preferred and contracting company is phased out.
1985 - Relocation to Bagijneland 10,000 m2
​- Through construction growth to 12,000 m2
1994 - Growth to 30,000 m2 through acquisition of adjacent company
1999 - New construction in Maasland 3.2 ha for higher efficiency, location Bagijneland sold.
2004 ​- Investment in CHP
2005 - Investment in plant robot
2007 - Doubling of supplemental lighting
2008 - Michael Zwinkels enters the company
2011 - New sleeve machine
2012 - Purchase of second location Galgeweg 5.6 ha
2013 - Purchase of adjacent plot of land at Galgeweg location
2014 - Galgeweg grows to 7.2 ha due to new construction on adjacent land
2016 - 16,500 m2 converted for the cultivation of lisianthus
2017 - Surface area of lisianthus increased to 3.8 ha

The whole story

35 years of history in flower cultivation

Theo Zwinkels started a horticulture service company in 1981. Specialisation: planting and harvesting of chrysanthemums. Two years later he started a chrysanthemum nursery in Kwintsheul, on a surface area of 5000 square metres. The horticulture service company was closed in 1984 and Theo continued as a chrysanthemum grower. A year later, Theo Zwinkels doubled in size, with the relocation to the new horticulture area Bagijneland in ‘s-Gravenzande.

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