SenZaro, The Blooming Company

A flower nursery that grows and flourishes

As flower nursery we have been growing steadily for a few years; not only in numbers, but also in the way we operate. We have grown from a 3.2 hectare company into a company with two locations, spanning 10.4 hectares. Through this increase in cultivation area, the chrysanthemum production has since risen to 35 million stems a year. We have also grown in terms of automation. We were one of the first companies to invest in CHP, an automated planter and a wrapping machine. The high-quality cultivation of Lisianthus was also recently taken up; the first harvest took place in mid-December 2016.

Senzaro is also experiencing tremendous professionalisation in its business operations. With our vision and enterprising approach, we would also like to grab every opportunity in the coming years. It is therefore no coincidence that we chose ‘The Blooming Company’ as our company slogan. SenZaro is a growing and flourishing company in all areas. We work very hard at this, every day.


A name with a story

SenZaro is the perfect translation for what we do.


comes from the English word ‘sense’, the experience and the emotion associated with giving and receiving flowers.


refers to the smell, the fragrance of the flowers.


The prominent Z in the logo refers to the surname of the founder, Theo Zwinkels, and the current owner, Michael Zwinkels - and thus to the culture of a real family business.

‘The Blooming Company’

The caption, ‘The Blooming Company’, refers to flowers and emphasises the entrepreneurial nature of our company.

SenZaro ‘The Blooming Company’