As company, SenZaro has two legs planted firmly in society. We therefore take the world around us into consideration. Socially responsible entrepreneurship is a serious matter and is the basis on which our surroundings allow us the necessary freedom to operate. Crop protection for cultivation is integrated, in other words: biological to the maximum extent, possibly using natural products. The use of chemicals is kept to an absolute minimum. Drain water is collected to be reutilised.


A CHP installation increases the efficiency of valuable energy. A CHP installation in a glasshouse horticulture company has an efficiency of approximately 100%, unlike a gas- or coal-fired power plant, with an efficiency of approximately 50% (the heat is discharged into rivers). The heat that is released by electricity production is entirely used to heat the greenhouses. The flue gasses that are released are purified, after which CO2 remains. This is injected into the greenhouse and serves as building blocks for the plants. The electricity which is produced is used to light the greenhouses. When the lights are not in use, the power is returned to the electricity grid.

CO2 is also supplied through the OCAP pipeline, from the Botlek industrial area, as a residual product from heating of industrial companies. Our neighbours do not experience any light nuisance, due to proper screening of the greenhouses when the growth lights are used.

We want to be a nice employer to our people; one which acknowledges their concerns and creates a work environment in which employees can thrive. We also want to be visible to the world around us. We sponsor various events, from the Varend Corso Westland to the Ride for the Roses, from local activities to charities.

Our companies are also MPS-A certified, which indicates that our chrysanthemums are cultivated with due consideration for the environment.

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