Modern greenhouses for efficient cultivation of high quality products

SenZaro has two locations, both furnished with all the modern facilities for efficient cultivation of chrysanthemums. The locations are equipped with CHP’s, automated planters and a wrapping machine. A lighting installation of 8,000 Lux (100 micromoles) guarantees a high level of light during the low-light months. SenZaro is thus able to grow uniform, high-quality chrysanthemums, year round.

Primary location Herenwerf

The centre of operations was built in 1999 in Herenwerf, Maasland. The greenhouse and equipment were kept up-to-date during the years, and meet all modern requirements. Only one variety is grown on a surface area of 3.2 hectares: Feeling Green Dark, by far the best green chrysanthemum on the market, and also the variety in which SenZaro has the largest market share. This location is known as ‘Greenhouse 1’

Galgeweg location

The location in Galgeweg, Naaldwijk, was purchased in 2012. The greenhouse was built and completely furnished in 2008. This location consists of two greenhouses. Greenhouse 2 (38,000 m²) currently grows Haydar and Celebrate, two spray chrysanthemum varieties that are both ranked in the top of their segment.
The spider (blooms) Anastasia is cultivated in greenhouse 3 (17,000 m²); this variety is very popular, especially on the Russian market.