A thirty year history in chrysanthemum cultivation

Theo Zwinkels started a horticulture service company in 1981. Specialisation: planting and harvesting of chrysanthemums. Two years later he started a chrysanthemum nursery in Kwintsheul, on a surface area of 5000 square metres. The horticulture service company was closed in 1984 and Theo continued as a chrysanthemum grower. A year later, Theo Zwinkels doubled in size, with the relocation to the new horticulture area Bagijneland in ‘s-Gravenzande.

Second relocation

The company continued to grow, in two phases: first to 12,000 square metres (addition), then in 1994 to 30,000 square metres with the purchase of the adjacent company. When the desire to improve efficiency increased in 1997, construction of a new building in Bagijneland appeared to be a costly endeavour. Theo Zwinkels thus decided to relocate yet again, to a new horticulture area: Oud Camp, in Maasland. In 1999, a 3.2 hectare greenhouse, including growth light and central processing of the flowers on the premises, was developed on a 4 hectare section of land.

In 2004, an investment in a CHP installation followed, to facilitate increased efficiency in terms of energy. An automated planter was also in place a year later. In the years thereafter an entirely new lighting installation (2007) was invested in, the bunching machine was replaced (2010), and a new wrapping machine was installed (2011).

With son Michael’s involvement in the company, Theo Zwinkels continued building on the future. Initially, the focus was placed on further optimisation of cultivation and organisation. The purchase of a second location in Galgeweg, Naaldwijk followed in 2012, when, after several stable years, it became evident that further improvement in this area could no longer be achieved. In the meantime, Michael Zwinkels has taken over ownership of the company, and his father, Theo, has taken a step back. With 8.8 ha modern glass greenhouses, SenZaro is ready for a prosperous future!