Specialists in five exclusive varieties

SenZaro has an unequivocal vision for the cultivation of spray- and spider (blooms) chrysanthemums. Consumers do not want more of the same thing; they want variety within the product range. From varieties that offer something extra, compared to others. This is why we at SenZaro only cultivate the varieties that are ranked at the top of their segment. Or even those - such as Feeling Green Dark - that are unique in the market. We don’t sell varieties that are merely popular for a brief period, but rather those that have achieved stable sales figures for several years. We don’t sell small niche varieties either, but rather varieties that generate enough sales to ensure efficiency.

Varieties with an added value

We cultivate four varieties with an added value: Feeling Green Dark, Celebrate and Haydar are, without exception, varieties that perform exceptionally in the spray segment. The spider (blooms) chrysanthemum, Anastasia Sunny and White, is an attractive variety, focused on the Eastern European market.