SenZaro new name for chrysanthemum nursery of Theo Zwinkels

Chrysanthemum nursery Theo Zwinkels BV has a new name: SenZaro, The Blooming Company. The change fits perfectly in the professionalisation that has taken place during recent years. The company grew to 8.8 hectares with the opening of a second cultivation site. Michael Zwinkels, who took the company over from his father Theo: ‘The company was named after my father for many years, as with many other horticultural companies. I feel that it is no longer fitting in this day and age. We have a modern company; such modern company requires a modern look.’ With the introduction of the new name, SenZaro, the company also decided to part with the old company style. The logo has been completely renewed and modernised.

The name SenZaro is a name that holds meaning. ‘Senz’ comes from the English word ‘sense’, the experience and the emotion associated with giving and receiving flowers. ‘Aro’ refers to the smell, the fragrance of the flowers. The prominent Z in the logo refers to the surname of the founder, Theo Zwinkels, and the current owner, Michael Zwinkels - and thus to the culture of a real family business. The caption, ‘The Blooming Company’, refers to flowers and emphasises the entrepreneurial nature of our company.

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