Winner Ranking The Grower 2012 (flowers)

The flower category is headed by Michael Zwinkels (25) of the chrysanthemum nursery Theo Zwinkels in Maasland. According to the jury, Michael provides an eminent example of how to run a company without a glitch. ‘His father Theo established the company, but the management tasks have been solidly and professionally transferred to Michael. Michael is now one hundred per cent owner, even though his father still fulfils a positive and critical advisory role, as well as a sounding board role. Michael is also exemplary of entrepreneurship with an informed approach to the market and tight control of the cost price, by way of an in-house labour registration system. Michael is also very active outside of the company. He is a pioneer in his study club, ‘The Young Ones’, and is especially actively interested in companies and operations outside the sector. In short: a full blood entrepreneur.

There is a reason, after all, why Michael Zwinkels was crowned winner of the ‘most enterprising young grower’ in 2012, by Ranking The Grower. We will grow and prosper even further in the future: into a company that is professionally managed, with a market-oriented approach and practices that are socially responsible.

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